The Ultimate budget friendly Smartphone LG Optimus S

LG is one of the most popular and well-established electronics items manufacturer. The Korean company has also ventured out in to the Smartphone industry and has enjoyed great success as well. The company has time and again come up with excellent smartphones that are both stylishly designed and are affordable at the same time. The LG Optimus S is a prime example of this. It is a low-budgeted Smartphone produced by LG, which is very popular among the people who want to buy a fully featured Smartphone without shelling out a ton of cash for it. Available for a lowly price of $105, the LG Optimus S definitely is a budget-friendly smartphone.

LG Optimus S specs highlights

Even though the LG Optimus S is not as highly priced as the other Smartphones of its category, it still offers its users plenty of interesting options and features. The design of the smartphone is nothing short of elegant. The LG Optimus S has a sleek design and very attractive looks. Its soft finish makes it extremely comfortable to hold in the hand and its slim design enables it to be slipped easily into a pocket. Having a slim design does not mean that the Optimus S is fragile in fact it is very solidly built and feels quite sturdy in the hand. Although it looks a twin brother of the LG Optimus T, the LG Optimus S provides many new features to the users than its look alike Optimus T.lg-optimus-s

The TFT LCD screen of the LG Optimus S is 3.2 inch in size that supports a resolution of 480×320 pixels. The display is bright and remains the same even when viewed at an angle while the color production is excellent as well. The capacitive touch screen of this smartphone is incredibly responsive and responds immediately to touch. The users have the option to adjust the brightness of the display according to their choice. Pinch zooming, multi-touch and a proximity sensor are some of the other options that are present in the Optimus S.

The processor present at the heart of this device is the 600 MHz Qualcomm MSM 7627. The smartphone also possesses 512 MB of memory and runs on the Android 2.2 OS. These are not bad specs considered that the LG Optimus S is an entry level Smartphone. The Optimus S is a fast device considering it only has a 600 MHz processor. The other features that are present in the Optimus S include, Bluetooth 2.1, an accelerometer, AGPS and a compass. This Smartphone also supports a Micro SD card slot, which enables users to amp up it memory as much as they want.

The LG Optimus S has a 3.2 Mega Pixel camera located at the back of the Smartphone. The image results of the camera are satisfactory and the camcorder is also reasonable but not very special. The camera has autofocus option but sadly has no Flash. The autofocus option of the Optimus S is slow to say the least and takes some time to take effect. The shutter speed of the camera was also not the quickest but was still manageable. The sound and the graphics viewing of the handset was also quite apt but was not up to the standard of the other Smartphones of its generation.

The call quality of the LG Optimus S is perfectly smooth. The voice of the caller can be heard with ease without any echo. Using the internet of this device is also a treat. The EVDO Rev A helps the Smartphone is loading heavy websites with ease. No matter how much pressure the Optimus S is put under, it seems to bear it all without lagging for a second. Downloading apps does not take more than a few minutes on the Optimus S and even when many apps are downloaded the speed of the handset is not compromised. The internet experience provided by this Smartphone is clearly much more satisfying than the other Smartphones of its category.

The battery fitted at the back of the handset holds out pretty well even when the smartphone is used extensively. This is another remarkable feature of this Smartphone that is not as easily available in the Smartphones that are in the same price range as the LG Optimus S. Therefore, anyone who wishes to buy an entry level Smartphone that is not too costly; the Optimus S is the best option that he has got.

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    Instead of buying those expensive phones, I would prefer such phones. Undoubtedly budget friendly and more than this they serve the purpose.
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